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I sat at my desk and thought how I would convey to the world what Spool & Quilt is about and how I have arrived here.  A flood of memories filled my mind of how quilts and sewing have told the story of my life.  All the times I tried to share my love and passion for this art and all the times it failed or just didn’t come to fruition.  I grew up in an odd household.  We moved around all the time and I was never at the same school for more than a year.  My childhood is a blur of moving boxes, new homes, new faces, as my father was chasing the almighty dollar and my mother was not well equipped to handle it.  I rarely felt safe and I rarely felt loved. 

My great grandmother came to live with us and this is how I was introduced to quilting.  She did everything by hand and with such love.  I would sit at her feet while she sewed pieces together.  Sometimes I would get the important job of cutting fabric around the cardboard template she used.  I felt so safe and so loved watching her.  On occasion I would catch her smiling at me while I worked, and I felt worthy and LOVED.  I have never forgotten that feeling and each time I was around her quilts long after she passed, I could feel her love wrap around me. To me, quilt equals LOVE.

Fast forward a few years.  Married with a couple of young babies and I was toting them around a craftsman fair and walked into an exhibit hall filled with quilts.  I was awestruck!  Not by the color, not by the patterns, not even by the technique but by the LOVE that I felt in that room.  My passion was re-ignited that day and I have been in love with quilting ever since.  To me a quilt is an irrefutable statement of love for the cause or recipient you made it for.  A quilt equals LOVE.  Through many trials and heartbreaks, I would find myself in my quilt studio touching the fabric and wrapping myself in the projects I was working on basking in the warmth and love.  I felt safe, I felt worthy, I felt love!

I’ve taught several friends to quilt and each time I do there is a bond that is seldom broken.  Teaching my daughters to quilt was an amazing experience and brought us so close.  When I saw it in my girls, I embraced it and today they are loving, creative and caring.  I like to think quilts have inspired some of that.  A passion is passed on and LOVE is shared.  This is why I started Spool & Quilt.  I have tried several times before, but life circumstances prevented me from moving forward.  (a story for another Quilting Bee)  I am passionate about spreading love through quilting.  Quilts have been my one true love through life and I am over the moon excited to share this love with you.

Thank you for coming to my little on-line shop.  I am growing a community.  A place for us to create, share and become quilt friends.  


Blessings in Stitches,